Extensive experience in the mobilisation of FM contracts

Our management team have extensive experience in the mobilisation of FM contracts and firmly believe a strong mobilisation is key to successful delivery.

The first steps are kick off meetings with key stakeholders providing an opportunity to further understand your business needs on a personal level. At this stage we will look to exchange all contact information so that the relevant individuals from each organisation are in touch with each other.

Mobilisation is managed by the appointed Contract Manager with engagement from all individuals noted in the mobilisation programme. They will mobilise the contract and be present throughout its duration.

A full Mobilisation Programme is always provided and it forms our own internal check list for tasks to complete, including:

  • Contract agreement
  • TUPE arrangements
  • Compliance assessment and filing setup
  • Site stock, PPE, access equipment and essential spares
  • Resources planning and setup
  • Helpdesk setup
  • Accounts / Finance setup

Mobilisation is completed within 3 months during which much of the required activity occurs in the first 30 days. We provide regular updates to building/facilities managers as stages progress.

Asset verification and condition survey

We will carry out an asset verification survey at this stage confirming locations, quantities and general conditions of all assets covered by the contract. Survey’s will be carried out by subject matter experts and collated to a central system by Martin. An updated asset list complete with asset numbers, condition notes and recommended works categorised as statutory, business critical or asset improvement.

Asset verification & condition check List

  • Make / Model / Serial number / Installation year
  • Primary asset location (e.g. panel)
  • Special access requirements
  • Protocol
  • L2 asset quantities with make and models
  • Zoning
  • Cause and effect status
  • Programming / Commissioning status
  • Drawings / Charts / Graphics status
  • CIBSE life expectancy
  • Condition status
  • Condition notes
  • Recommended remediation
  • Recommend remediation rough order of cost
  • Priority level (U/S, near failure, less than 1 year expected, less than 5 years expected, etc)

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